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Alyssa Milano’s Face Mask Is Her Crown as Queen of a Wildly Stupid Weekend

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  • Alyssa Milano tweeted a photo of herself wearing a crocheted face mask.
  • It was meant to be a call for action to wear protection. But the mask was, you know, filled with holes.
  • She’s getting taken apart on Twitter for somehow doing the dumbest thing in a very dumb weekend.

Alyssa Milano is not having a great pandemic. Sadly, it’s only getting worse.

The actress is getting roasted up and down Twitter, again. She just posted a tweet in which she dons a crocheted face mask littered with holes.

This pic warrants a facepalm, which, coincidentally, is more effective than her mask. | Source: Twitter

On a weekend that’s compiled an incredible amount of hysterical news, Milano takes the cake. And it’s only Saturday.

Alyssa Milano and Her Face Mask Get Lit Up

Alyssa Milano just can’t seem to get it right this year. In what can only be described as a tweet that was meant to inspire Americans to wear masks, she’s only inspired more (hilarious) criticism.

Here are some of the best responses:

Even the nice one’s sting. | Source: Twitter
Trump supporters are having a field day. | Source: Twitter
Of course, they got Joe Biden involved. | Source: Twitter
She was even roasted for her makeup. | Source: Twitter
Speechless. | Source: Twitter

Can Joe Biden Absorb This Blow?

Whatever credibility Alyssa Milano had left after her Joe Biden sex scandal debacle, it’s undoubtedly been destroyed.

In April, Milano was skewered for her partisan, two-faced take on sexual accusations. She was a loud voice in the #MeToo movement’s initial thrust, badgering Brett Kavanaugh for high school accusations.

Check out this tweet from 2018:

Say it loud, Alyssa! | Source: Twitter

Now, watch her hilariously back out of her stance following the Tara Reade accusations against her favorite candidate, Joe Biden.

Wait, what happened? | Source: Twitter

Joe Biden was already struggling mightily to get his thoughts together. Then, his biggest cheerleader pulled a complete 180 on her strongest convictions. Now she’s promoting a useless face mask.

If this woman is teaching us anything, it’s that actors and intelligence do not go hand in hand. Just because someone is constantly in front of a camera, doesn’t mean they have something important to say.

This has already been a weekend full of ridiculousness. Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth again. Lana Del Ray was ‘canceled.’ Rapper Doja Cat was ‘canceled.’ Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande released an atrocious music video. Trolls even accused Hilary Duff of trafficking her own child for sex.

In a wildly idiotic weekend, Alyssa Milano has stolen the show. But, we still have Sunday.

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This article was edited by Sam Bourgi.

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