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Oobit’s ‘SkyScanner for Bitcoin Trading’ Fails to Meet Expectations

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Peer-to-peer, or P2P, trading platform, Oobit, has launched its purportedly SkyScanner-styled Bitcoin (BTC) price aggregator, Oobit Hunter.

Oobit has also launched ‘Pass’ — “a single KYC passport for use on multiple trading platforms” that allows traders to access multiple exchanges simultaneously.

Despite bold claims of offering unprecedented trading functionality, Hunter appears to host little more than a collection of affiliate links and a P2P exchange listing that facilitates trade between users and Oobit’s CEO.

Coinbase partners with crypto liquidity aggregator

Oobit’s Hunter is described as “an AI-driven liquidity aggregator” that searches multiple exchanges to identify the best available prices for cryptocurrencies.

The firm has partnered with Coinbase to launch Hunter, with Coinbase providing custody and escrow services to users.

Oobit hopes to target crypto users of all levels, claiming that Hunter can both assist newcomers wanting to find the simplest route to purchase crypto with fiat and advanced traders seeking arbitrage opportunities.

Oobit’s KYC ‘passport’ offers access to multiple exchanges

The firm has also launched it’s “unified know-your-customer (KYC) passport,” Oobit Pass.

Oobit Pass uses “advanced face and optical character recognition” to verify users, and seeks to target both traders and exchanges. For traders, the platform offers access to multiple exchanges after a single KYC verification, while exchanges are pitched a reduced KYC burden and streamlined onboarding.

Oobit also plans to launch a crypto-to-crypto exchange service and a fiat-denominated crypto debit card in the near future.

Oobit’s launch falls flat

In addition to Oobit’s Hunter platform being nothing but a page of affiliate links to 10 leading crypto exchanges, the firm’s KYC passport also appears to be a dud. At release, Pass only grants access to the three little-known exchanges — GestureTek, Hikari, and BKEX.

The Hunter platform currently only hosts a single ad for Bitcoin buying and selling — with the platform’s CEO, Amram Adar, comprising the platform’s lone buyer.

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